Leadership - Need Each Other

In the previous articles we looked into the complex task opf leading an organiztion and that an organization’s Body of Work is everything it creates, contributes, affects, and impacts.

Our executive committee and board of directors have no idea how a project or event is going to turn out. Someone may get sick or injured. The economy crashes. They take a big risk to be creative in a demonstration and fail miserably, in public. Because these events are unpredictable, uncertainty, fear, and doubt are inevitable parts of building our organization’s body of work. Managing fear and uncertainty is core to thriving and surviving in this environment. While it is normal for people to be afraid about the unknown, the key is to keep moving forward by focusing on the future. In order to develop resilience in the face of fear and uncertainty, we need our membership


keep moving forward by
focusing on the future

In order for our board to build a complete and successful body of work, we must surround our board with peers, mentors and advocates who will push them to do their very best work. This requires leadership building, a key skill for any organization’s success. Here is a list of skills we as members can offer our leaders

Hold your board accountable:

When we as members take an interest in a crazy idea, a different way to present at a meeting, we can step in and send e-mail check-ins about the project. Let the board know what you did or did not like. Knowing that members are investing time in your clubs success makes the board feel extra motivated to get the project done or build something new and stronger

Challenge your board’s thinking:

You want people in your club who will help you to think in new and different ways. Someone to offer a unique perspective on the project and takes the time to offer detailed comments. Offer feedback, ask why and why not.

Balance your board’s strengths:

Chances are, if you have tremendous strengths in one area (strategic thinking, graphic design, teaching, tax accounting), you also have noteworthy weaknesses in other areas. Offer help where you can. Take on writing one article, cleaning up after a meeting, design a poster.

Remind the board of their true path:

Friends remind you that no matter how dark the current moment appears, there is a better day ahead. People who have been members for a while know the club very well and have a unique perspective about the board’s patterns and its true mission

Motivate your board:

Refuse to let your board do anything less than their best work. Send an email if you see something or have feedback. Attend meetings and most of all offer help

We all need each other.