Sharp’s Pygmy Maple

Pygmy Maple 2012

Fall Color 2012

Acer Palmatum ‘Sharp’s pygmyThis is an outstanding miniature maple; a seedling selection from Sharp Nursery, Boring, Oregon. Small, regular palmatum leaves on a compact, densely branched, rounded shrub turning a deep red in fall. Tiny palmate leaves on a short, densely structured tree with naturally rounded crown. Soft green 1½ inch star-shaped leaves turn brilliant red in fall. A tendency to leaf out early makes these maples susceptible to spring frosts. Protect them from drying winds and direct sun. One of the most attractive dwarf maples.

This tree was acquired in 2007 from Jack (Jack purchased as nursery stock around 1994 so about 25 years) In training since 2007 - with Pam, since 1994 – about 25 years with Jack

Pygmy 2007

Aquired in 2007 about
25 years old at the time

This tree was purchased as nursery stock around 1994 by Jack D. I purchased this tree after it fell over and broke the apex off. Since purchasing this tree in 2007, several instructors have helped me in developing this tree. First, Ted Matson helped to trim the top to balance and allow the apex to regenerate and catch up. Second, Marty Schmalenberg as we picked an alternate front to minimize the sling shot. The following year 2009, I changed the front of this tree to take advantage of the best nebari and began the process of improving ramification by trimming to the first internode on each branch. At this stage Jack approved of the new direction.

Study Group work 2012

Study Group work 2012

The early spring of 2011 was hard on this tree where I have learned that more protection is needed in winter. I had to remove several large branches and trim others to reveal live tissue. Sealed each cut with Orange cut-paste. By 2012, I was able to trim from the outside toward the trunk leaving 2 leaves and sometimes removing a hardened clump to establish refinement. Currently the tree is progressing as I rebalance and continue the process for ramification.

Winter 2013

Winter 2013